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Review for: GR-30 Guitar Synthesizer
Purchase price of GBP #535
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I play a lot of worship music and the nylon Godin guitar blends really well with the synths, organs etc. It is also good for rock which I'm equally interested in, although I might be tempted to swap my Strat for a Roland-ready one to go with full-on electric guitar sounds. If it was lost, I'd get another although who knows, in a couple of years what else there may be. It should be in a better, metal case. It should definitely have a text readout like the GT5 effects processor for example, so patches can have names. Who knows what A3.5 is?! This is a common oversight on many multi-effects, too and it can't be so expensive. I realised this shortcoming,and it is the main one for me, but got it anyway as it's still brilliant value and there's nothing else like it for the money. It's inspiring me and I'm looking forward to recording music as I can now easily do what keyboard and bass players would have been needed for.
Reviewer: steve whiteley
Post Date:09/14/1998

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