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Review for: GR-1 Guitar Synthesizer
Purchase price of 1000.00 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:Played for 30 years. I've used the GR1 for 6 years from classical to avant gard, blues to video effect tracks. I have a coule of bass guitars, a Juno 106, 2 classical guitars, a 12-string acoustic, a Roland B-100 bass amp, a Macintosh non-linear edit bay. So, all the orchestra instruments have come in handy for for video production. For live performance, the B3 and bass sounds are tailored in there. Between the toggle lever and a pan-peddle I have more than I can ask for. The sweep and fat peddle features are killer. The built-in sequencer needs help in balancing tracks. The cord needs to be longer and with a more stable connection. Perhaps make the controls mount up on a stand where it is easier to read and mess with , while the detachable peddle remains on the floor.
Reviewer: David
Post Date:12/15/1999

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