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acoustic amps
Review for:Rivera Sedona 55 w/ extension speaker
Made in 1999
Purchase price of 1995 USD in 06/2000
Rating: 2.0
Comments:Very plasticy sounding. Bad power, even when turned up to 8 (with a max of 10). When compared to a SWR Strawberry Blonde, Sedona was beaten badly, even though Strawberry Blonde retails for $699, and Sedona for $1995. I sold my Sedona today (for a big loss), but enough to cover a Strawberry Blonde (which, by the way, weighs only 40 lbs., about half what the Sedona weighs. Sedona couldn't make the acoustic guitar (tried a Taylor 614ce, an Ovation 1996 Collectors Edition, and a Breedlove C-22 w/ L.R. Baggs Dual Source pickup/condensor mic) sound like it did natural, whereas the Strawberry Blonde did. Strawberry Blonde also outdid its big brother, the California Blonde, which has a 12 inch speaker and 100 watts, compared to the 10 inch in the Strawberry and only 85 watts.
Reviewer: Randy Burchell
Post Date:12/13/2000

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