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electric amps
Review for: Rivera R55-112
Purchase price of 250 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:If it were stolen or lost YES I would buy it again or the newer Suprema with a better voiced Cab. I love this amp for it's range of sounds without any Knob tweaking. Stright forward, dial it and play. I compared this amp to Johnson, Line 6 Ax2-212, Peavy Ranger 2-12, Fenders in general, Crate and many more, most of them sucked in comparison. Two amps that stand out very high are the Peavy Classic 50 4-10, and the seymour Duncan 8550, both these amps rock as wel as the Rivera. The Rivera may have more voicings but the Seymour and the Peavy Classic 50 can hold there own without a sweat. I Give the R55 a rating of 4 for it's lack of bottom end and better voicing in the speaker dept.
Reviewer: B Harrison
Post Date:02/22/1999

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