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electric amps
Review for: Rivera M60-112
Purchase price of 900.00 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I have been playing for 26 years. I am not sure if I would replace this amp only because of my style (if lost it I might miss it very much). I allways use it as my 2nd amp on an AB switch. my other amps are a Black face Super Reverb (my favorite) black face Vibrolux reverb (very cool) and a silver face pro (no master volume) I am going to sell. I am very impresed with Rivera Amlifiers. They are a top quality company. If I could sit down with them I would love to create a blues amp. I find I am not a fan of celesions or El34's. Don't get me wrong there is a place and a need for these type of comonents or amplifiers. I would love to see what rivera could accomplish with 6L6's and alnico 10's. I am sure I would be impressed.
Reviewer: Newell
Post Date:12/12/1999

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