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Review for: Rivera Chubster 40
Purchase price of 877 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I got interested in this amp when I walked into the store and heard a guy ripping some very solid telecaster riffs through its bigger brother, the R-100. I played that amp and loved it, but it was just too loud. My dealer got this and it sounded really nice. I went back a couple of times and finally brought my own guitar in to hear it. I knew I had to get one. The sheer TONE and versatility of it is everything I've ever wanted in an amp. It really makes the guitar sing. I've owned a lot of amps and this is really the perfect amp for me. You can see my reviews of other amps in this database and I still like the others, but this is THE amp for what I need. I had been using a Laney LC-50 (which is now my spare), and I still like it alot, but this amp sounds better. The volume level is perfect and the tone is amazing. And yes, I'd buy another (and another...) if it got lost or stolen.
Reviewer: Richard E. Johnson
Post Date:04/10/1999

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