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Review for: Rivera 55-12 Combo
Made in 1995
Purchase price of 850 USD in 06/1995
Rating: 4.0
Comments:The Rivera 55-12 is a great combo for the guitarist looking for flexibility, tone, and power in a combo-package. The channels and tone controls provide a huge variety of tone possibilities, from Marshall(or Vox)-voiced to Fender-ish. It is relatively light-weight ( for an all-tube) amp, has a nice foot switch ( albeit with a cheesy channel-1 boost name, called ninja-boost!). I use my Rivera in most situations in which the amp will be miked, or at small venues. My only suggestion to Rivera is a better-sounding speaker in the cabinet....I've plugged the 55-12 into some other speaker cabinets...and the tone just comes alive. Of course, then you don't have the convenience of a combo!
Reviewer: Jim Murphy
Post Date:07/03/2000

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