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electric amps
Review for: Jake Jay Graydon Signature Model
Purchase price of 800.00 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I have been playing over 30 years. Most of my playing has been the acoustic noodling at home type of material, varying from blues to classic rock, open tuning, drop D rock type material. Currently, I seem to be heading toward country and blues (Southern Rock) type of sounds. My old amp is a Fender Blues Junior, which is a great one-trick-pony amplifier. The Jake Studio Combo is great. I now have 4 distinct sounds at two different power levels. As I mentioned earlier, the vintage/modern switch really does change the tonality of the whole amp--so in effect I have 8 different sound ranges to play with. All of this before any effects are added. Obviously, the fact that I found a good condition used Rivera for $800 played a major factor in the buying decision. At full retail, the Jake Studio was just a bit beyond my means. (I was going to buy a Chubster--another really cool amp.) I am beyond pleased with this purchase. This amp is my Holy Grail amplifier.
Reviewer: Tom Conlee
Post Date:08/29/1999

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