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acoustic amps
Review for: Pignose Hog 30
Purchase price of 179 USD
Rating: 2.0
Comments:I've been playing seriously for 9 years. Other gear includes, SRV strat, 66 strat, ES-335 Dot Reissue, 57 Les Paul Jr., Guild JF30 12 string, 34 L-00, 34 Duolian, 76 Super Reverb, 87 JCM800 4210, and a 59 Bassman (a real one). If this were lost or stolen. eh, maybe I'd replace it. Or maybe I'd try something different like a Crate Taxi. It's an ok amp for what it is. But I wouldn't be too broken up if something happened to it. They should market this as an acoustic amp. It works very well for that purpose. And I like it for playing on the street occasionally. The one thing I wish it had? "REVERB" I know you can drive spring reverb with batteries. But they could have put something akin to a scaled down alesis nanoverb in it. The main reason I got this instead of the other rechargeable amps on the market? At 30watts it was the most powerful one at the time. And it's just the right height to sit on, so no folding chair necessary. ;)
Reviewer: larry
Post Date:06/01/1999

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