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Review for: Mesa/Boogie TriAxis
Purchase price of 1345 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:Depends what type of tone you're after. This preamp delivers some great tones. I personally much preferred the gain sounds of the JMP1 to the Triaxis, but the Triaxis ruled everything else. Since I use that one gain sound for 80% of what my band plays, I decided to stick with the Marshall, however tone is a very subjective thing, and let your own opinion rule. The Marshall JMP1 isn't very versatile, it basically gives you one great tone and is OK for everything else. The Triaxis is much more versatile and does give good gain sounds, but it wasn't suited to my personal tastes. The clean and mild gain sounds are fantastic. I did not think that this preamp delivered on the claim to give you the tone of the Dual Rectifier as advertised.
Reviewer: Jim Burdette
Post Date:12/31/1998

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