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Review for: Heritage 535
Made in 2006
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I own 2 Heritage 535 guitars. I have owned Gibson 335 Guitars in the past, and i recently decided to buy another from Musician's Friendly... anyhow, long story short, i recieved three differend BAD examples. Broken nut, then a twisted neck, then one with a lovely one inch gouge on the top! I gave up, and ordered myself a Heritage 535 from Wolfe Guitars. I also ordered a second one for my old man. Both are stunning, and feel more 335 than the 335's we've had in the past. Quality and workmanship are way beyond that of a gibson. I'm not knockin' Gibson, I've got two 61 SG reissues that i love to death. It's just that their 335 quality control and consistency is in a bad state. I would never purchase a Gibson 335 again, considering that I can have a 535 for abot half the price. BELIEVE ME, the guitar doesn't need gibson's name on the headstock to be a true 335 guitar. These are true 335 guitars as they were meant to be.
Reviewer: Alexander Laws
Post Date:10/08/2006

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