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Review for: Aria Pro II Fullerton
Made in 1997
Purchase price of 700 USD in 06/1997
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I've been playing guitar for 10 years now, with lessons throughout, and my opinion of this guitar has gone from great to dirt to great again. I was a relatively new player when I was given this (8th birthday) so I thought it was sent from heavan. Later I became hung up on brand names, so I ended up with 3 amps and four other guitars (including a Firebird and a Tele). After shunning the Aria for a while I took it out again and realized what I should've all along: this guitar is solid. It has warmth, it plays smoothly, and you could cut down a tree with it without worrying about damaging the the instrument. My only suggestion would be to change the pickups and electronics. Mine now has Seymour Duncan pickups and and both Fender pots and a selector switch. At the moment, mine is tuned in open G for slide, with .12 gauge strings on it, and it holds up very well and sounds like butter with the slide on it and the neck pickup (SD Pearly Gates) cranked.
Reviewer: Chris
Post Date:09/02/2006

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