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Review for: 12AX7A.COM
Purchase price of 36.00 USD in 07/2006
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I purchased 2 tubes to upgrade the sound of my amp. I choose 2 different tubes to get 2 different sounds. The website guided me thru selection and implimentation. As it turns out I'm having lots of fun optimizing all my amps thanks to this great website. Its the only place that tells you what the tubes really sound like. On my next order I plan on getting one of each of the different tube types because they really do sound so different and trying them all out has been inspiring me to play again. The customer support is tremendous. I ended up 2 amps that never sounded so good when they were new. I am a touring musician, so I really appreciate that I can duplicate these purchases and not have to worry about the quality I am getting which I think is the best possible. Check this guy out.
Reviewer: Andy Smitherson
Post Date:08/03/2006

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