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electric amps
Review for: Swing king/ gattone
Made in 2005
Rating: 5.0
Comments:Well, gee, Stewart, you didn't tell me any of that when you sold me the amp! Anyway , I'm going to review the same amp that the previous reviewer slammed, albeit with a few changes. When I bought it the speakers weren't included, so I installed a few varieties and settled on some vintage Jensens as the best match for my tastes. I also clipped a bright cap in the amp , a tweak that Lou Rosano of Louis Electric suggested. I love this amp- it's basically a mid powered tweed (think tweed Pro or Super) with a REALLY useable MV and a slightly more responsive EQ. It also has a lot more gain if you want it, as each of the 4 inputs gets progressively "dirtier' until you're way past what a tweed can do . For what I want , the ability to get bluesy and dirty but also have a sweet clean sound, this amp is great. I've owned numerous 50's tweeds in the past, some good, some so-so, some mind bogglingly wonderful. This amp sounds almost as good as the very best ( a two hole bassman), better than most, and more versatile than all of them. The sound I get with my LP Special through this thing is INCREDIBLE, and the tele sounds great too. I don't know what went on between the other poster and Lou Rosano, and he is certainly entitled to his opinion, but I seem to love this amp as much as he hated it, and I would say that anyone interested in a tweed + sound check one out. I bought the amp secondhand, and have no prior relationship with Lou, but he has been very patient while I bug him on the phone, and has suggested tweaks to help me get the sound in my head -and he's never seen a dime of my money! One other thing. The previous review said a basically untrue thing about the amp only being worth a few hundred bucks and being junk. This thing has Hovland caps in it (try pricing them someday), and the cab (I'm a licensed Carpenter /Cabinetmaker ) is top notch, as is is the tolex job. A V Front, port holed, angled cab isn't cheap or easy to build. I know that a guy called Bob Burt does some of his cabs, and his stuff is impeccable. I know the transformers are Custom made, so I have no way to judge them, but they aren't Mojo or Pacific (decent, but low cost) trannies. The heavy duty amp feet, the padded handle, quality screws and T-nut fasteners instead of drywall screws that other manufacturers (yes , even some of the "boutique" ones) use , all speak of quality to me, not junk. Tone is subjective, these other things are not. To sum up, if you love tweeds, or almost love them but wish they had a bit more gain available , then try and give one of these amps a listen so you can form your own opinion!
Reviewer: rob dixon
Post Date:05/04/2006

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