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Review for:Martin D-15"Custom Spruce-Rosewood".
Made in 2005
Purchase price of 700.00 USD in 11/2005
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I own other higher end Martin acoustics, but was suprised to find the "plain jane" all solid wood D-15 "Custom Spruce-Rosewood" guitar. I have been told that this model of the D-15 series was made by Martin by at the request from Musicians Friend for a limited number of them. I was familiar with the all mahogany versions of the D-15 series, but when I found and played this one I bought it. It's an all dull satin finished model with a very good factory string set up, and with medium gauge Martin "SP"phosphor bronze strings. It's not an impressive guitar to look at, and can be mistaken for the lower priced laminate Martin models. But when you strum it, the sound grabs you right away. For a Martin in this price catagory and for what it offers, I rate it as high as I can. It deserves it. The only changes I made to my D-15 Custom S/R is installing a compensated bone saddle, and a bone nut. I followed the advice of Martin Forum players and polished the sides and back of the guitar to a high gloss finish. I removed the pickguard follwing the instructions on which I recomend, and installed a much nicer looking one.
Reviewer: Don Kondy
Post Date:02/17/2006

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