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Review for: Baby Taylor M
Made in 2004
Purchase price of 300 USD in 12/2006
Rating: 5.0
Comments:The taylot guitar ias an awesome sounding guitar considering it's size. the factory set up -which was middle of the raod which could take a good "thawck" of a strum and not "buzz" yet could be fingerpicked- suits me fine Tayor Vs Martin Martim LKM Pros Soli HPL wood - rock solid - great fro travelling and Moderate rough housing- will with stand road rash- Cons however you will need to keep fresh strings on thier - because once they fade the guitar soundes muted and a little muddy. exposed tuners for the vintage look- not a good idea if you are jamiing on the beach- The truss road came all the way loose - I would nort expect that from Martin The Baby taylor was far superior in tone- the wooden top vibrtes more and thus projects more volume- very comforatble to play. Cons it is wood so you will have to take care of it - humidity etc The Bottom line Martin for the name - and serious back packing Taylor for sound -
Reviewer: Walter
White bear4444@
Post Date:01/05/2005

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