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electric amps
Review for: Richtone Amplification
Made in 2004
Purchase price of 2100 USD in 05/2004
Rating: 1.0
Comments:Rich Lovato asks for money up front before making an amplifier. Purchased a Twin 30 watt with extention cab in May 2004.It is now November and no amp. Rich returns calls when you threaten him or leave nasty notes on his door. This guy has excuses galore. It's amazing stuff too, ranging from "the cabinet wood was bad so the Tolex doesn't stick" to "Bruce Willis asked me to go on the road". Great sounding amp,better than Matchless et al. Lousy service. Recomendation: Buy something else, it's not worth the wait. Or have him make the amp before you pay for it. On second thought just buy something else.
Reviewer: John Murphy
Post Date:11/10/2004

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