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Review for: Three Souls
Rating: 5.0
Comments:THREE SOULS is the new CD by New York jazz guitarist Adam Rafferty. On his previous three albums he covered material by Coltrane, Ellington, Monk, Parker, Jobim, Gillespie and other masters (with a few originals thrown in). But slowly Adam realized the value of allowing into his music other styles he has studied over the years including blues, rock, funk and classical. Mentored by pianist Mike Longo (Dizzy Gillespie's longtime musical director), Rafferty for the past decade-and-a-half has steeped himself in the tradition of playing jazz standards, be-bop and post be-bop. However, Rafferty grew up playing rock'n'roll, studied classical guitar for a half-dozen years, fronted a successful rap/hip-hop group, played the blues in a multi-racial Harlem band for a year, and performed in various big bands. Now all these influences are subtly swinging together on his jazz trio recording THREE SOULS, his first album of all-original material. If you like traditional jazz trio original music with hints of contemporary influences, check out THREE SOULS. You can find it in stores or at Adam's website,
Reviewer: Sandi Porter
Post Date:10/29/2004

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