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Review for: 1.Zero Hemp Strap
Made in 2004
Purchase price of 30.00 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I recently bought the 1.Zero Hemp Strap. I eat lots of meat, but try not to be a part of the slaughter when possible (doing my part). I really like this strap for a few reasons: 1. It supports the production of Hemp. 2. The Kepur end pieces are very tough and I found that I don't need to use clip locks to keep my strap on my guitar. Last: 3. This strap is really tough. The smell is kind of earthy at first. But that soon goes away. The contact above is wrong. Kepur is a Core One product. I wanted to get in touch with the company about extending the length of my strap. Their number is 213-413-9381
Reviewer: Adam One
Post Date:09/18/2004

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