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electric pickups
Review for: AVN Blues set Aged sound
Made in 2001
Purchase price of 450 AUD in 09/2001
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I bought these for my Mexican Stratocastor. I used to have a classic 70s strat that was a wonderful guitar, the mex strat has a great neck but was thin sounding and harsh. I wanted warmer tones. The noise issue wasn't relevant to me at the time. My original strat certainly could be noisy depending on the surroundings. The Kinman pickups sound great to me. They have added the extra depth and warmth I was after. I can get great strat sounds from surf to blues. It comes up very well when recorded. The classic out of phase bridge/middle pickup sound is as good as you can get. They have turned a cheap fender into a good sounding fender. Cheers Bruce
Reviewer: Bruce Callaway
Post Date:03/11/2004

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