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Review for: Richard Beck Guitars
Purchase price of 375.00 USD in 06/2003
Rating: 5.0
Comments:If you're in the Phoenix area and need to get your quality guitar repaired or adjusted, Rich Beck is DA MAN! I own a 1970 Martin D-18 I was seriously considering selling for a very modest price due to the fact that it had a horrible action, crappy intonation and was impossible to play above the 12th fret due to a humongous hump in the fretboard. I had Rich do a refret job on it and it came back playing like a Les Paul. It now is one of the nicest instruments I've ever played. I'm equally satisfied with the refret job Rich did on my '72 SG Pro. I also had Rich do a custom setup on a Taylor 314-ce I bought at the Tempe Guitar Center. Taylors are supposed to play like electrics right out of the factory. Well this one didn't until Rich got his hands on it. But now it's everything I expect out of a Taylor. I don't know how Rich's handmade guitars sound as I don't have nearly the bucks to afford one -- yet. But I am sure, given Rich Beck's awesome talents as a luthier and repairman, they are great. This guy is the real thing, trust me.
Reviewer: Peter Hickey
Post Date:11/03/2003

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