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Review for:Big Baby Taylor (15/16 Dreadnought )
Made in 2002
Purchase price of 250.00 USD in 10/2003
Rating: 5.0
Comments:When my wife and I went to Branson Mo. we didn't take our New Taylor 214's with us instead we took a Parlor sized guitar and 3/4 size guitar both cheap brands. We both got frustrated with trying to enjoy playing. So when we got back we both decided we wanted to get a Baby Taylor Mahogany like my grandson's for traveling. So I went to Senceney music store and I decided I would try the Big Baby Taylor that is 15/16 size. It has Solid Spuce Top, Sapelle Laminate Sides and Back. Comes with a Heavy paded Taylor Gig-bag. We compared it to many other guitars, The Martin D15, the other baby taylors except for the mohagany they didn't have one. I decided I had to have the Bib Baby Taylor Guitar. My wife Ordered herself a Baby M. We havn't been back out of town again yet but when we do we both will be ready, Taylors and all. ( Posted october 23, 2003 )
Reviewer: Don Nelson
Post Date:12/09/2003

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