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Review for: Taylor 214 ( Newest Addition )
Made in 2003
Purchase price of 748.00 USD in 08/2003
Rating: 5.0
Comments:The 214 Taylor is just the Best Guitar for the money! Just go to the website and compare models between the 214 and the 314 and you will be suprized how simular they are! Very few shortcuts were made in this solid wood Sitka Spuce Top and solid Sapele back and sides ( African Mohogany ) with satin finish! Overall rating from 1-5 it is a 10 with the deep, rich sound that the grand auditorium body & only Taylor can make!!! Comes with a Hard-shell Case. The only 2 guitars that I have played that even come close to the 214 is the 314 for $1100.00 and 312ce for $1450.00 ! Then again the 214 is just a great guitar for the money!!! Best of all It's Made In U.S.A. !!! I Purchased this Guitar at Senseney Music Co. Wichita, Ks. posted 9/11/03 This one was my wife's and now I have one as of 09/19/03, Just a Great Guitar!!! Revised 9/23/03
Reviewer: Don Nelson
Post Date:10/24/2003

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