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Review for: DeArmond M-70
Made in 1999
Purchase price of 260 USD in 07/2002
Rating: 5.0
Comments:My style is mostly Blues, Gospel, and Jazz. When I take this axe out of the bag to let my friends see it, they can't believe that I only paid under $300.00 for it. And when they hear the sound and tone after playing it they can't believe their ears nor their eyes. It has a deep Jazzy tone, but don't be fooled. this When I bought this guitar used from a music store I knew that I had something special. I took it to a MARS music store in Memphis to get another opinion on it from a professional and he said that it plays like a Gibson. He told me that I had a good one on my hands and he almost didn't want to stop playing it. this guitar can rock with the best Strat or Gibson out there. I absolutely love the way it plays and so does everyone that I've let play it. It definitely has a better sound than all the epiphones that I have played within its original price range. This is certainly one of the best features of this guitar. No one who has played it (at least 20 people that I know) have ever said anything negative about its sound. Always positive commentary. I just started playing not too long ago. The only thing that I would change about this guitar is the weight. It is a little on the heavy side, but this is certainly not a big deal at all. It does give the guitar a more durable feel to it -- moreso than a typical Start. I also own a new burnswood classical guitar signed by Estaban. If this guitar was stolen or lost I would absolutely loose my mind. I believe that this axe is, or will be eventually, a collectors item. If you can ever get your hands on one, you need to buy it immediately before someone else gets it out from under you. I have played the Epiphones, Fender Stats, Gibson Les-Pauls, Simick Les-paul copy, Dean copy of Les Paul style, and ESP. I have yet to find a guitar that just flat out beats the sound of this guitar. It will play with the best of them. And not only that, but it has its own unique sound that cannot be duplicated not replaced. I could not find the same sound on any other guitar. You simply have to play one to know what I'm talking about. And for the price, this guitar simply cannot be beat out by anyone in my opinion.
Reviewer: mike
Post Date:08/12/2002

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