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Review for: Squier Stagemaster Deluxe
Made in 2001
Purchase price of 350 USD in 08/2001
Rating: 5.0
Comments:As the owner of a '99 Fender "Roadhouse" Strat and a '79 Gibson Les Paul Standard I was looking for a versatile but inexpensive guitar. A guitar that if lost, stolen or otherwise destroyed, wouldn't impart the the same high degree of devastation that the loss of my cherished Strat or Paul would. I found it in the Squier Stagemaster Deluxe. What an incredible guitar for the money! Neck thru constuction (maple with alder wings), 24 accessible frets, a Floyd Rose (that actually stays in tune even after heavy dive-bombing), great sounding pickup configuration (H/S/H) and "fit & finish" that rivals guitars costing TEN times more. Granted the set-up wasn't perfect but it was easily correctable. It sustains for days yet weighs in very light (especially compared to my Paul). The tonal varieties are many although I had incorrectly assumed I would probably want to replace the pickups. I highly recommend this guitar to my own students and to players of all levels. Fender should take this away from Squier and start making it in Corona and selling it for $1,500!
Reviewer: Rick Nash
Post Date:09/01/2001

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