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Review for: Fender Jazz Bass
Made in 2000
Purchase price of 300 USD in 11/2000
Rating: 1.0
Comments:Let me start off by saying i bought this bass to replace my ESP Ltd. because its pickups totally crapped out and i needed a new bass quickly. Before, i was like many other bassists before that buy only fender products. then i asked myself why i was doing this and realized i was just listening to what others said about fenders. I had grown to eventually really hate and despise my fender jazz bass for some very annoying reasons. first, it was very ugly black. One of my hugest gripes about fender is their lack of variety in colors for their non american instruments. your either stuck with red, black, purple, and sunburst. These colors are so boring and unimaginitave it seems to defeat the purpose of the guitar being a creative tool. the one time fender had rad colors was the the californian basses but they quit making those. so eventually i became sick of fenders tried-and-true yet boring shape and colors. How about someone try to be original and get a unique guitar with a unique sound? A second reason why i hated my j-bass was for its extremely crappy manufacturing. when i bought it, i did the usual check to see if everything was up to snuff (polished frets, slight curvature in neck, even fretboard, sturdy hardware, and intonation). I was very surprised to find out 6 months later that my j bass completely degraded in its condition. the screws in the bridge somehow manage to crossthread its way to the piece of metal that the string is tensed to. The pickups somehow completely slanted over to the high string side make the g string about twice as loud as the e string (no kidding!). After inspecting the insides the guitar i found that the foam which cusions the pickup from the actual wood was cut wrong by some doofus in the fender factory. it was totally slanted (not the normal slant)and eventually the foam caved in on itself making it more slanted. i had to get some masking tape (quality stuff here) and tape the underside of the foam to support it. Then the fretboard started to warp off to the right side. the intonation was so horrible that the 12 fret was actually a whole note off from the open string note. Were not talk a Squier here either people! A "quality" Fender bass guitar. the biggest thing that got to me, was the E string. I had so many problems with it. Im in a punk band, so i use a pick with my bass. everytime i picked that d*** E string it would slap up against the fretboard in a very displeasing sound. Im warning anyone out their who uses a pick and is looking at a jazz bass. Please try out different guitars! just because it says Fender it does not necessarily mean quality! If you dont really have an idea of what im talking about (the fretboard slapping business) then listen to the song "longview" by green day. Notice those subtle slapping noises in the bass line? Imagine that cutting through the entire sound of your band and ruining the feel of the bass line. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. By the way, this only seemed to happen about 3 months after i got the jazz bass. Now imagine your self holding this bass and playing it through your amp and with all these problems. You would grow too hate it too. Is that what you want? Because it just might happen! dont think it cant happen to you! Third, and probably the biggest reason why i loathe the j-bass, is because everyone else had it. It may not mean much to some people, but it sure does mean alot to me. I want to have "my" bass, not the bass that 50 million people have. I also want to have "my" sound. Fender seems to pride themselves with the fact that they havent changed their guitar and bass body style for 50 years. Thats 50 years of thousands and thousands of people all exactly imatating themselves. Im very much not against selling vintage style guitars (in fact i love vintage guitars) but i am against a company sticking with something that works and NEVER changing anything (kind of reminds me of the record company that make these boy bands). If your reading this review now and trying to decide whether to get a j bass or not, ask yourself these questions: When Im on stage do i want to stand out at all, or just be another guy with just another plain looking guitar? Why am i considering this bass, because of what people have told me or becuase what ive heard personally out of the guitar? How many guitars and companies have REALLY tried (seriously)? If so far in this review youve been totally disagreeing with me, then go ahead and get the j bass. But if youve seemed to agree with me, and your looking for a bass in the same price range, looks very beautiful, and has a sound all of its own, then please read my other review of the DC bass from Danelectro (on this website).
Reviewer: Brent Core
Post Date:07/14/2001

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