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Review for: Crystal Guitars Les Paul
Made in 2001
Purchase price of 1300 USD in 04/2001
Rating: 3.0
Comments:I recieved the guitar in awell-designed and structurally sound case. The overall appearance of the instrument was excellent but on closer inpection several issues became apparent. To being, none of the ground solders on the pots were solid and one was completely detached. After reflowing all joints no further problems with the electronics were discovered. The guitar required quite a bit of setup as it appeared nothing was done at the menufacturer's end. Once a complete and thorough setup was performed, the guitar played well and sounded very thick and les-paul-like. The single biggest downside beyond the lack of QC is the weight of the insrument. It weighs a ton! It is significantly heavier than any of my other LPs and would be a bit of a burden to wear through a 3 set night. Nonetheless, it looks great and would make a great addition to an on-stage arsenal just for the looks.
Reviewer: George M. Marakas
Post Date:05/01/2001

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