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Review for: Daddy's Junky Music
Rating: 1.0
Comments:Daddy's is one of those overrated huge conglomerate type stores who purport to pushing great deals while actually being average/worse than average in every respect. The Daddy's in Dedham, MA was one I had several bad experiences with. Personal treatment from the salespeople? Forget it. This particular store was near my house, and I would go in every week to see what was new. I was on a first name basis with all of the employees, and for the longest time I was looking for a Paisley Reissue Strat. I drilled those guys about it. I gave them my name and phone number at least two or three dozen times, was constantly having them check inventory for one, never had any luck. Then one day, after taking a bit of a hiatus from visiting the store, I just randomly stopped in on the way to somewhere else, and there's a paisley strat hanging on the wall. I said "how long has that been here?" They said "about 2 weeks." Out of all the employees there do you think one of them would have called me? I almost didn't buy it out of principle, but I REALLY wanted that guitar, and even though 550$ seemed a little pricey I was willing to pay, and I did. So, then, Daddy's advertises a "free setup and new strings" when you buy a guitar from them. I took advantage of that. I took the paisley home and put it away, I had bought it more as a conversation piece/possible investment so I didn't play it much. When I finally took it out (a while later) and started to play it more frequently, I had switched to heavier gauge strings, and I brought it to a local shop (very trustworthy) to have the strings put on, intonation, and action set up. I get a call from the tech and he said "did you know this thing has a cracked headstock?" The crack was virtually invisible from the front, just a little hairline thing, like the shadow from a string. But it runs the length of the headstock from the nut to the tip. Maybe I should have noticed when I bought the guitar but there was really no way to tell until replacing strings (which Daddy's repair shop DID) The string pull caused the split to become more obvious. Not only did this guitar reach the selling floor at Daddy's, but went to their repair shop for a setup and back to me, and no one noticed that the headstock was cracked? Seems a little hard to believe. Anyway, I got the last laugh on them. I had a '71 tele neck mounted on an early '80s tele body, with Van Zandt pickups, and I had brought it in to trade towards some other equipment. I was perfectly honest when I traded it in about what it was, and they offered me 150$ for it because it was a hybrid. I went back into the store about a month later, and lo and behold there was my Telecaster in a customer's hands, with a salesman standing by him. I went over to the guy, waited my turn, and politely asked the other customer if I could see the price tag on the instrument. The tag plainly said "1971 Telecaster" and was selling for 900 dollars. I looked at the salesman and told him "this is no '71 tele and you know it." and explained the whole story to the other customer. Needless to say I have not, and will not ever, do business in that store or any of the Daddy's locations again. I'd like to warn future customers to thoroughly check out any instruments you intend to buy from them, ask as many questions as possible, and if you have any doubt in your mind, DON'T buy it. Also make sure you comparison shop, especially here on the web and classifieds, because you WILL find MUCH better deals, even if you pay the shipping yourself. And under NO circumstances should you EVER send anything to Daddy's repair shop. The repair shop is in the main store in Boston, and not only do they handle private repairs but also all the repairs for all the used instruments for all of Daddy's locations. This is a LOT of stuff and as a result instead of your instrument getting personalized attention it becomes just another number on a claim check. Also due to the backup it can sometimes take up to THREE WEEKS for them to do a setup job. Caveat emptor... and happy shopping Rob Mola
Reviewer: Rob Mola
Post Date:01/26/1998

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