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Review for: Buffalo Brothers
Rating: 5.0
Comments:First, I thought these guys web site was a gas. The guitar descriptions were accurate, but written in a humorous manner. I was looking for a really high end steel string acoustic. Turns out this is just a web site and that the actual store was about a 20 min. drive away. I was amazed at the fantastic array of guitars. They had at least 300 great acoustics that I could see (their web site says 500) I bought a Taylor 514. They said if I EVER wanted to trade it, they would give me what I paid in trade. About 3 weeks later I decided that I wanted something better. They smiled & showed me more than I had seen on my first visit. NO questions asked, the gave me what I paid in trade. I was quite frankly impressed. They also had a bunch of people jamming in the back room & the music was great.
Reviewer: Larry Fraser
Post Date:12/16/1996

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