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Review for: Sunn Sceptre
Purchase price of 200 USD
Rating: 5.0
Features: The Sceptre was built in 1969. I bought it for $200, and it has been worth much more than every penny to me. It is definitely my primary amp, and at 140 watts rms, is well suited for gigging. I play from hendrix to hardcore, and this amp does both very well. It is very warm, and has a deep and trippy 12" spring reverb. What is odd is that it has a "reverb loop" for linking spring 'verbs. I tried this with the reverb from my univox head and it sounded remarkable, but its not at all practical. It has four inputs, two bright and two normal. if you want to call this two channels, go ahead, but there is only one master volume. i wish it had an fx loop, but i am happy with the 4 and 8 ohm output jacks. the front consists of the usual volume, treble, and bass. it also has an awesome contour control. when playing heavy stuff, cut it all the way and you suck the mids out for killer hardcore rythyms. there is also a mid-boost switch. when cut, this will provide a solid state tone, but i never use it and you wouldnt either, after hearing this amp. when boosted, its seventies flashback happy hour. amazing. this warmer than the sun itself. there are also rate and depth for tremolo, and reverb knobs. it has enough power for me alright, in fact ive never turned it all the way up- not even on stage. i give it a ten because anyone would love this amp- despite playing style.
Sound Quality: i use a jackson randy rhoads and a strat, but i run bass through this amp without a problem (when using a 15" speaker) its also good for 'vintagizing' your sterile digital synths and keys. my strat is loaded with a silver lace sensor at the neck, a duncan hotrail in the mid, and a super distortion humbucker at bridge. Even when the amp is at full bassey tone with all the sound rounded off, the hotrail can cut through for some distinguished lead work. for this, i wish the amp had a footswitch for the midboost- it would allow me to use the lace sensor all the time. for chording, i can use any pickup from any guitar and it sounds phenomenal. when contour, treble and reverb are all the way up, and mid boost is cut, the amp sounds a bit harsh. good for country, but i'm not garth brooks. if you cut the tone dials on your axe, however, you can manipulate some interesting tones with the amp at this setting. the amp alone cannot give you the world as far as different sounds, but with just about any fx processor or pedal, you can get a kick-ass sonic color from the sunn. i run the amp through an old 2x12 univox cabinet. i never even bothered to check what speakers are in it, because they sound so great. when i put even a natural overdrive pedal on, like a boss sd-1, i get a gorgeously broken up fuzz, and i love it. normally i run a digitech rp-5 with a crybaby. most people hate the rp-5's distortion, and i agree through any practice amp, but this amp turns the digitech into an eventide gtr4000!!! with no outboard gear, the amp is clean all the way up. with no gain control, you'd need to blow your ears out to overdrive this amp.
Reliability: the sceptre never broke down, and i've never needed to replace a tube. mind you- this thing sounds good with rca tubes, imagine sovteks! i have played live with no backup, and i gave my fellow guitarists' marshall preamp a scare...
Customer Support: N/A R.I.P, Sunn.
Reviewer: Rory the Herb
Post Date:12/15/1998

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