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electric amps
Review for: Sunn Colliseum Lead
Purchase price of 50.00 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I have been playing for about 10 years now and I have owned every thing from a PV bandit 112 to a MESA Boogie Tremoverb. I have had rack systems and currently play though a Line 6. Something about this amp makes me hold on to it. It just has a rather unique (and loud) voice. I don't think that I'll ever part with it. I've never seen another one but if I do I might just have to swipe it up.(although what i would do with two of these monsters is beyond me) If you see one you might do well to do the same. They're probably cheap too!
Reviewer: Tom White
AOL Madhat444
Post Date:07/19/1998

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