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electric amps
Review for: Hiwatt Custom 20
Purchase price of British Pounds 595
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I bought this amp direct from the manufacturer (The Audio Brothers) in England. While this is not as easy as going to your local music store, the amp has been well worth the little extra effort. The Audio Brothers paid all the shipping costs/import duties and said that I could audition the amp for 30 days or so ... if I didn't like it for any reason, I could return it for a full refund. That takes balls (or is it "bullocks"?)! If I ever need a smaller amp than the Custom 20, I'll buy one of their Booker amps. If I need a bigger amp, I'll either buy one of their more powerful Hiwatts or have them custom make me an amp - they're that good! I think Dave Reeves would be quite happy with how these guys are treating his legacy...
Reviewer: Scott Buckley
Post Date:12/14/1997

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