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Review for: Hagstrom II
Purchase price of 225 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:i really like this guitar. it doesnt get a ten because of the way the clean sound isnt that great, but thats probably the pickups. i love everything else about this guitar. it plays so easy and is really light. and the neck is great. i'm planning on buying another one too. there two kind of models of the hagstrom II. one that has single coils and has a headstcok like a fender(this is the kind i own) and one that has humbuckers with a headstock like a gibson's(3/3 head). i'm trying to get the one with humbuckers. theyre very hard to find the other is a bit easier. again, i love this guitar, i'll probably end up buying several more hagstrom because theyre so cool. these guitars are great! before i finish, i thought i would throw in some info i might have forgotten, a background on hagstroms. hagstroms were made in sweden throughout the 60s and 70s. they were cheapo guitars really. they made guitars and basses. noel redding (jimi hendrix's bassist) used a hagstrom bass. amd frank zappa used hagstrom 12-strings. pat smear uses hagstroms and the guys from mudhoney and rancid do too. if you want some hagstrom pics and more info go here: a friend of mine's site that has equipment info on mudhoney and lot of pics of hagstroms.
Reviewer: John
Post Date:05/10/1998

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