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From: Mr C M Adams 
Date: 3 Jul 1995 12:31:10 GMT
Subject: Re: The pitches of the strings of the guitar

Standard concert pitch is defined as the A (or 5th) string being at exactly
440 Hz.
An octave is given by a doubling of the frequency, i.e. 5th string, 12th fret
would be at 880 Hz.
The frequencies of the notes in between these octaves are regular multiples of
440.  The multiple being 2^(1/12) i.e. two to the power of one twelfth.  Each
multiple raises the pitch of the note by one semitone, so after 12 semitones
(i.e. 12 frets) you have multiplied 440 by 2 hence 880 Hz. and increased the
note by an octave.
So, assuming I can use my calculator correctly, the pitches of the open
strings of your guitar in standard tuning should be as follows,

	String Number		Note		Pitch(Hz)

		1		E (high)	1318.51
		2		B		 987.77
		3		G		 783.99
		4		D		 587.33
		5		A		 440.00
		6		E (low)		 329.63

Basically, the idea is to start with 440Hz and keep multiplying by 2^(1/12) to
increase a semitone at a time until you get the required note then just
multiply or divide by 2 to raise or lower the note an octave as required.

	Hope this has been of some help.

			Happy tunings !!


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