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User Demographics

general - mostly college educated males
  • age - over 60% of users are age 25 or older
  • gender - almost 90% of users are male
  • level of education - over 75% of users have at least some college education
  • size of household - singles are the most common user, but 40% of users have households of 4 or more
  • annual household income - over 50% of users have household incomes between $30-75K
music - experienced guitar players media - primary media is Guitar Notes spending - plan to buy music products online location - mostly from US technology - PC users with good connectivity
Browser used
Computer platform used
Network connection
Network access location
User location by country
User location by US state
Level of education
Size of household
Annual household income
Annual spending on CDs
Annual spending on music gear
Likelihood of buying online
Number of years playing guitar
Style of music played
Gear owned
Favorite brand of guitar
Magazines subscribed
Visit frequency to Guitar Notes

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